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Yoga for Fitness

Yoga for fitness poses will work your entire body, burn fat, and tone muscle. Include these poses into your daily routine for overall improvements in strength and fitness.

boat pose

Benefits your backbone and joints, offering more flexibility and muscle toning.

Inclined pose

tImproves your blood circulation to legs and breathing, benefitting people with high blood pressure. ext

both leg raise pose

It improves the strength of abdominal muscles, thigh muscles, pelvic muscles, and ligaments of the uterus.

plank pose

It builds core strength of the body. Tightens abdominal muscles and chest muscles while improving backbone strength.

half spinal pose

Improves body structure, reducing the problems of lower back pain. It develops flexibility to the body.

head to toe

It is a long stretch out to improve the blood circulation of the body. It relaxes the muscles for an active body for workouts.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a calming as a passive way of keeping the body active and healthy. It targets all the chakras of the body to attract more positivity in life while storing all energy in the body. Researchers believe that people who do yoga are more active and positive in life compared to the people who work out in gyms.

Weight Reduction

Facial Yoga

Muscle Strength

Personal Attention

Connect with a professional yoga instructor today to start your healthy yoga routine.

What My Clients​​ Say

I have been feeling so much better overall after I joined yoga classes. It has really helped me keep my body healthy without stressing out about hardcore workouts which took up all my energy for the day.
Gene Everett

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Fitness Industry

Top 3 Technological Trends to Watch in Fitness Industry

Trends in any industry come and go, its always fun to observe what kind trends are emerging and how it will impact the particular sector. New tech-driven trends to utilizing genetics to monitor the workout session, the fitness industry trends are here to stay and will, of course, transform the facet of the fitness industry as well. Even though a lot of trends have emerged over the years, there is always room for more innovation. We will witness a revolution in the fitness industry as technology gets more integrated into the fitness platform. Here, we will see some of the trends to watch in the fitness industry for this year.

Intelligent Apps

It is very evident that data and personalization have changed the face of fitness and is here to stay for the long run. With the right tools, this development can make you stronger and faster. Both the wearables and apps have changed how the fitness industry works for the past few years. This advancement we have seen is just the tip of an iceberg. Innovative and advanced technology will increase the business platform and is meant to change or lifestyle beyond our imagination.  With more data available, incorporating the innovative technology will also improve the underlining factors of human health; for example, health and wellness will enhance by fitness and exercises. We will also see a rapid enhancement in playful fitness apps and fitness fun classes, thereby to increase the user experience. There will be fitness classes leveraging VR technology, Wearables, and many other fun-filled apps. With all theses implementation, the people will barely notice the number of calories burning.



Since technology is evolving day by day, it is relatively hard to keep up with the fitness industry trends, especially when it comes to wearables. Various researchers mentioned that the wearables platform was the only platform that saw a growth in the last year with a market volume of $14,528m. Not only that, but from 2016 onwards, wearables like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and heart monitors have not gone down and has always ranked the first three technological trends to watch ever since.

DNA Testing and Genome Mapping

With technology grown so far, you can customize your fitness according to your biology. DNA testing kits is a new trend in the health and wellness world. Everybody ranging from workout maniacs to gym devotees is taking advantage of this new technology movement to get a better grasp of their genes and to enhance their performance. With the help of DNA testing, you can quickly learn how our body works with hormones, and you can take immense care on those hormones that prevent you from burning fat. It will also help you to learn about your physiology, which can influence your fitness level.