I love journals. Any kind of notebooks, really. And planners, even though I’ve mostly gone digital with my calendar. But I still buy journals all the time, even if I don’t need them. I can always find a use for them. I currently have about 4 different journaling projects going — not counting notes for actual writing projects — and it’s great having a separate journal for each one. So if you also love journals, or are just looking for some journaling exercises for self improvement, try one or more of the ideas below. Keep a gratitude journal. This is…


Over the past several years, I have developed the (somewhat) regular habit of writing down my goals on a daily basis. Writing down my goals is probably the single most powerful practice I have discovered for creating change, both in my internal world — spiritual, emotional, and mental — and my external environment. When I write down my goals, I feel more positive and more in control of my life, and it is easier for me to deal with stress. Goal-setting is a powerful practice for a number of reasons. The following tips will help you learn more and show…


I recently read that it often takes a major trauma to motivate people to discover and follow their true purposes in life. That only something monumental can shake us enough to make us examine our beliefs, get us out of our comfort zone, and put us on a more authentic path.

I’m finding that to be true, to an extent, in my own life.